Metigla produces metallic roof tiles that successfully combine the classic tile appearance with steel's strength for long-lasting protection. All profiles have contour cut, a detail that makes joints almost invisible.

Metallic tiles are recommended for roofs with slopes of more than 8°.

Metigla uses S 280 GD steel with minimum 275 g/m2 Zinc coating, offering high resistance to corrosion and a lifespan of over 50 years.


Extended lifespan

Metigla uses S 280 GD steel with minimum 275 g/m2 Zinc coating, offering high resistance to corrosion and a lifespan of over 50 years.

Perfect joining

Metigla's roof tiles are designed to successfully withstand any weather conditions, ensuring the roof's tightness and perfect drainage to the rainwater system.


Metigla's metallic tiles adapt perfectly to any architectural style, both traditional and modern.

Extended guarantee

Metigla offers extended guarantees for special types of paint coatings.

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If the products are to be stored prior to installation, the tiles shall be placed in a sloping position, on dry wood sleepers, inside a warehouse or other enclosed storage area, in a dry and well-ventilated location, away from weathering conditions which may affect their condition.

It is recommended to store the products for a maximum of 30 days.


When cuttings are required, it is advisable to use sheet metal shears. It is forbidden to use an angle grinder or any tools that could cause overheating in the cutting area.

Filings resulting from the cutting or punching of the tiles must be removed immediately with a brush.

The adhesive foil should be removed when the mounting is complete.


Metigla's tiles are delivered in foil-wrapped packages, loaded on vehicles with forklifts and mounted on protective supports. The supports are placed one meter away, to avoid deformation of the metal sheet.

While driving, it is mandatory to strap the packages to avoid the moving of the packages inside the means of transportation.

Unloading must be done using an automatic or manual forklift, subject to specific handling rules.

The Clas profile is characterized by elegant and harmonious lines, that perfectly adapt to a multitude of architectural styles.

Featuring a modern and practical design, the Star profile brings extra strength, along with a symmetrical appearance and easy fitting.

This type of profile gives elegance and personality to the roof, making it a perfect choice for homes inspired by the Mediterranean.

The Teck profile combines the appearance of the traditional shingle roof with all the features of modern constructions.

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