KPF finishing parts and accessories

Metigla's standing seam roof is marketed along with a complete range of easy-to-install finishing parts, that perfectly match each profile.

Metigla produces 10 types of standard finishing pieces for standing seam roofs, but, when needed, we can produce customized pieces, for special projects.



Durability – premium quality materials

Adaptability – to any type of roof

Easy fitting – fast, easy and intuitive assembly

Eaves closure

The eaves closure is mounted at the bottom of the roof. It has the role of taking over water from the cover and driving it into the rainwater system.


The valley is mounted under the tile at the intersection of two slopes forming an in inner angle. Its role is to take the water from the two roof trusses and lead it to the rainwater system.

Overlapping fastner

The overlapping fastener is mounted on the overlap of two metal sheets. Its role is to ensure a secure connection.

Verge trim

The verge trim is mounted at the outer edge of the roof. It ensures that the roof is closed on the sides.

Verge trim 2

The verge trim type 2 is mounted at the outer edge of the slope. Its role is to ensure that the slope is closed on the sides.

Wall flashing

The wall flashing is mounted at the intersection of a roof with the wall. Its role is to ensure waterproofing at the intersection with a wall by leading rainwater to the roof tile.

Eaves closure 2

The eaves closure 2 is a hidden element, which is mounted at the lower part of the roof, under the cover, at its intersection with the gutter. Its role is to lead water flow to the rainwater system.

Reinforced hip ridge

The reinforced hip ridge is mounted at the top of the roof, at the intersection of two slopes. It has the role of ensuring the closing and weatherproofing of the roof.

Semi-hip ridge

The semi-hip ridge is mounted in the upper part of the one-slope cover at the intersection of the roof with a wall. This ensures the sealing of the roof and protects against infiltration.

Straight ridge

The straight ridge is mounted at the top of the cover, at the intersection of two slopes. This ensures the roof’s tightness and has the role of protection against infiltration.


Metigla offers a complete range of metallic roofing systems accessories, required for optimal, aesthetic and functional installation.


Fixed clip

Mobile clip

Ventilation mat

Attic window


SC-M20 screw

SC-W32 screw

SC-W35 screw

SC-W41 screw

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