Metigla manufactures complete metal roofing systems for modern, durable and aesthetic residential projects. The Residential products division include 4 types of metal roof tiles: Clas, Star, Mira and Teck, and two types of standing seam roof profiles, Clic and Falt.
Metigla's roofing products offer great aesthetics and easy installation, so the client benefits from one roof for a long time.


Over-time resistance

Over 50 years lifetime under normal environmental conditions, due to the superior zinc protection (minimum 275 g/m²), ensuring the system's resistance to environmental factors.

Easy fitting

Metigla's roof tiles are specially designed to ensure the sealing of the roof and optimum drainage of water to the rainwater system.

Solutions for any style

Metigla adapts perfectly to any architectural style, either traditional or modern, and highlights the aesthetic qualities of the building,
completing the image of your home.

Minimized risk

We offer extended guarantees for our roofing products, up to 30 years for products using superior paint covering.


Visual experience stimulates inspiration and creativity.
Discover our most recent projects.

The Clas profile is characterized by elegant and harmonious lines, that perfectly adapt to a multitude of architectural styles.

Featuring a modern and practical design, the Star profile brings extra strength, along with a symmetrical appearance and easy fitting.

This type of profile gives elegance and personality to the roof, making it a perfect choice for homes inspired by the Mediterranean.

The Teck profile combines the appearance of the traditional shingle roof with all the features of modern constructions.

Clic is a simple and refined roof. This classic roof style is reinterpreted in a modern manner and adapted to both avant-garde and heritage buildings.

The Falt profile is aesthetically similar to Clic, the difference being the bonding manner. The bonding of Falt metal profiles is made by double folding, ensuring superior sealing of the roof.