Galvanized profiles are used for main or secondary structures, beams and intermediate floors of all types of buildings: industrial or residential, commercial, agricultural, halls or warehouses.
All galvanized profiles are custom-made, with the possibility of a variety of perforations.

The advantages of the galvanized profiles are high load-bearing capacity, low weight, durability, fast and easy mounting.

Technical information

  • Profile type
    Z, C, U, L
  • Material
    Galvanized Steel
  • Available thickness (mm)
    1.5 - 3
  • Steel class
    S 350 GD
  • Weight (kg/m²)
    8 - 24
  • Minimum zinc coverage (g/m²)
  • Minimum - maximum length (mm)
    2000 - 13500
  • C Profile - section

  • Z Profile - section

  • U Profile - section

  • L Profile - section

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