EPS Insulated Panels

Metigla's EPS insulated panels are made up of two layers of metal and a high-density polystyrene core with high sound absorption and thermal insulation properties.

EPS insulated panels can be used in a wide range of areas: industrial, commercial, residential, halls and warehouses (including refrigeration), container construction and agro-technical buildings.

Technical information

  • Product
    Insulated Panel
  • Material
    Pre-painted steel sheet
    Polystyrene core
  • Steel class
    S 280 GD
  • Minimum zinc coverage (g/m²)
    External panel surface 275
    Internal panel surface 100 - 275
  • Exterior paint coating - Glossy (µm)
    Glossy Polyester 25
    PVDF 25
    PUR 55
  • Exterior paint coating - Mat (µm)
    Mat Polyester 35
    PUR Mat 50
  • Insulation (100 kg/m³)
    Polystyrene (EPS)
  • Available thickness (mm)
    40 - 300
  • Minimum - maximum length (mm)
    2000 - 13500
  • ROOF
  • Useful width (mm)
  • Total width (mm)
  • Minimum slope (˚)
  • Corrugation (wave) height (mm)
  • WALL
  • Useful width (mm)
  • Total width (mm)
  • WALL
  • Useful width (mm)
  • Total width (mm)
  • EPS Insulated Panels - Roof - section

  • EPS Insulated Panels - Wall - Concealed Fastening - section

  • EPS Insulated Panels - Wall - Visible Fastening - section


RAL 1014L

RAL 1023L

RAL 3000L

RAL 3005M

RAL 3009M

RAL 3011L

RAL 5010L

RAL 6009L

RAL 6011L

RAL 6020M

RAL 7016L

RAL 7024M

RAL 8004L

RAL 8004M

RAL 8017L

RAL 8017M

RAL 8019L

RAL 8019M

RAL 9002L

RAL 9005L

RAL 9005M

RAL 9006L

RAL 9007L

RAL 9016L

Steel type and structure

The raw material used by Metigla in the production process is hot galvanized steel (1), with a zinc protection of at least 275 g/m² (2).
The zinc coating is protected through multilayer technology with a passivated coating (3), primary protective coating (4) and paint layer (5).

The top protective layer (5) is available in following versions: Polyester (25 μm gloss or 35 μm mat), PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) of 25 μm, PUR (polyurethane) of 55 μm or PUR MAT (mat polyurethane) of 50 μm.

On the bottom side, the paint coating is 10 μm Polyester or Acrylic (6).


  • External ridge cap

  • Verge trim

  • Gutter

  • Gutter reinforcement

  • Outside corner trim

  • Low eaves closure

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