Metigla's Industrial Division products are used to build structures, to close roofs and walls, for interior partitions, extensions or metal finishes for a broad spectrum of constructions.
This division includes products like profiled metal sheets, insulated panels (sandwich), galvanized profiles, structural liner trays, façade cassettes, finishing pieces and accessories.


High standards

Especially useful for the industrial field, Metigla's products have high mechanical strength, giving them over 50 years lifetime under normal environmental conditions.

Complex utility

Metigla's Industrial division of products is intended for a broad spectrum of constructions with industrial, agricultural, commercial, cultural or sports applications.

Easy handling

Quality materials provide high structural resistance at reduced weight. This means handling efforts decrease considerably, along with stress applied to the building structure.

Minimum risk

Metigla's guarantee for the Industrial division varies depending on product type, covering multiple risks, like corrosion in the case of material defects.

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Metal sheet profiles sheet are the ideal and quick solution for cladding, partitioning or covering industrial or commercial buildings.

Metigla produces insulated panels for walls and roofs with mineral wool (MW) or expanded polystyrene (EPS) core.

Galvanized profiles are used for main or secondary structures, beams and intermediate floors of all types of buildings: industrial or residential, commercial, agricultural, halls or warehouses.

Façade cassettes are among the various technologies and finishing materials for the construction field, used to cover external walls.

Structural liner trays are a functional solution for wall insulation. They are mounted horizontally between the pillars of the resistance structure and replace the light beams to support the external metal sheets.