Metallic Tiles

This profile recreates the traditional shingle style, successfully providing both durability and aesthetics.

Complete roof

Our roofing products feature quality, durability and efficiency.

Insulated panels

Metigla provides insulated panels with mineral wool core (MW)
and up to 4 hours fire resistance.

Rainwater systems

Every roof needs Metigla's efficient and durable rainwater system.


Discover Metigla's product divisions,
which successfully cover an extended range
of residential and industrial projects.

Industrial systems
for a broad spectrum of constructions

Complete metal roofing solutions
durable, aesthetic and easy to install

Rainwater system
a perfect solution for any type of roofing


Visual experience stimulates inspiration and creativity.
Discover our most recent projects.

I recently got a project that needed a lot of non-standard parts. At Metigla I found not only the solutions I needed but also advanced consultancy for this project. A real team of professionals!



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